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Book Casey Elisha

Whether it’s to give a book reading at your school or run a workshop at a community club, author visits can have a positive impact on children when it comes to literacy.

Read and Seek
A book reading of one of Casey Elisha’s books, Love Thy Fro or I Can Be That Too, combined with a game of hide and seek where participants have to find hidden prizes. This is followed by a light discussion around topics related to the book, such as self-love and positive affirmations. A complimentary copy of the book that is read is included for schools.

Approx. session length: 45 minutes. Maximum of 30 participants. Suitable for 5-9 year olds.

My Empowerment Journal

A session where children are introduced to journalling and its benefits. Children are taken through the first two exercises in the journal and complete one entry. Journals are required for this workshop.

Approx. session length: 45-60 minutes. Minimum of 8 participants, maximum of 30. Suitable for 7-11 year olds.

Panels, Discussions and Other Bookings

Casey Elisha is also available for panels, discussions and other events. If you have a specific request, please make contact.

All sessions and workshops can be held in person or virtually.

For all workshop enquiries and to obtain a quote, email: