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CEB Christmas Gift Guide

Shopping for Christmas presents can sometimes be hard work – especially with kids! I’m a mother of 3; two girls and a boy, ages 8, 5 and 1, so trying to figure out what each of them wants – let alone the rest of the family – can be a task.

I love gifting children with things they can relate to, or things they can learn from in a fun way. When shopping for adults, I like to find things that are unique or a little different.

I’ve put together a list of few items I’ve come across that I think will make great gifts this year and that might help ease the stress of Christmas shopping for you, too!

Check out the list and share your thoughts!

Gifts for Children

1. Femi the Fox – A Pot of Jollof – £5.99 from Amazon

I love how unique this children’s book is. It’s written by Jeanette Kwakye and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s an utterly charming, funny and relatable story that all children will enjoy – regardless of their background.

2. Crayola Multicultural Chunky Wax Crayons – £2.66 from

If you’re getting anything for a child to colour in, make sure you pick up these multicultural wax crayons, too! Growing up as a child there was only one colour to reflect our skin tone. This pack of crayons corrects that!

3. Nadiya’s Bake Me a Festive Story Children’s Cookbook – £5.99 from Amazon

Nadiya Hussain from the Great British Bakeoff has put together this unique festive storybook/cookbook for children. I bought this as I wanted a fun way to introduce cooking to my children, and this fit the bill perfectly. The illustrations are lovely and the recipes are great.

4. Eeboo I Never Forget a Face Memory Game – £13.99 from

This is a fun memory board game that helps children learn about different people from around the world. Educational and fun so it’s a win-win for me!

5. Numbers with Bella – £5.99 from Amazon

Another children’s book, this time by Lorraine O’Garro. I absolutely love this book and how relatable it is! My younger children love the illustrations and really engage with the book.

6. You Can Do Anything (Hip and Hop) – £6.99 from Amazon

This book was written by Akala and I was really amazed by it. My daughter has no interest in books at all and is behind on her reading but, as soon as she head Akala do the Facebook live reading, her eyes lit up and she was trying to copy everything he was saying. Since purchasing this book, we have read it together every night. This is a book I’m sure most children will love.


7. I Believe in Me Sweatshirt – £25.50 from I’m More

This sweatshirt is so cute and I love the positive affirmation on it! I’m More have a few different t-shirts and tops with various different affirmations and messages – such as I’m More Than My Hair and I’m Destined For Greatness, but this sweatshirt really caught my eye. Most of their styles come in a few different colours, too.

Gifts for Adults


1. Dutch Wax Coasters – £3 per Coaster by Onua

ONUA have a number of stunning homeware pieces, there’s something for everyone to love. These dutch wax coasters make a lovely gift that doesn’t break the bank, and are a nice way to inject some style into any home!

2. Sankofa Semi-Precious Stone Bracelets – £7.50 from Etsy

These bracelets are beautifully hand-crafted. I love the sankofa symbol and what it signifies.

3. KINK – £14.99 from

KINK is a book written by the ladies behind Curlture, Jay-Ann Lopez and Patrina Charles, and is full of empowerment and appreciation for black women and melanin! It is composed of personal mantras, poetry and imagery of black females whom possess skin tones, hair styles, ages and hair textures that rarely shine in the media.

4. Superwoman Mug – £11.99 from

The Superwoman Mug is a really cute mug for the tea and coffee lovers! It’s based on Casey Elisha’s book, My Mummy is Superwoman, and features some of the illustrations from the book. This is a gift that any superwoman would appreciate!

5. Shear and Shine Gift Set – £19.99 – £59.99 from Shear and Shine

It can be a bit difficult buying gifts for men, but the Shear and Shine gift set is a good option. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a few different products – including a beard oil, and beard products are a favourite with men these days!

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