Under the Spotlight: Letterbox Library

Under the Spotlight: Letterbox Library

Children’s Literature Exploring Diversity and Equality

Finding books that can stimulate the mind through learning and also reflect the wider society we live in is a rarity. Letterbox Library is a children’s bookseller focused on empowering children through providing children’s books that explore a plethora of issues and topics that may relate to different cultures, traditions and backgrounds.

It began in 1983 when two mothers started a book club that focused on promoting gender equality and diverse representation in books. After becoming an established community, Letterbox Library was founded and now has over 300 books available to buy to educate, empower and encourage discussion between parents and their children.

Importantly, the books are rigorously selected meaning high-quality literature that explores issues of race, religion, gender, bullying, family breakup and other difficult topics a parent may find hard to discuss. By promoting literature that can challenge and raise discussion in areas that are not reflected in books on the high street, children can be empowered and valued as individuals for their differences and not feel isolated by them.


You can find Letterbox Library online at www.letterboxlibrary.com.

Words by Casey Paul.


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