CELF2016 Participant Profile: Robyn Smart

CELF2016 Participant Profile: Robyn Smart

Name: Robyn Smart

Location: London

About: Robyn is the author of “My Magic Scarf“, a book that tells the story of a young girl who discovers she has leukaemia. A book that encourages sensitivity, “My Magic Scarf” was Robyn’s first children’s book; she self published it in December 2015. Growing up in Lambeth, Robyn always had a love for books and would often find herself in the corner of the library engrossed in a Maya Angelou or Roald Dahl book when she’d actually been sent to the shop by her mother!

My aim in writing is to raise awareness of various topics and quench your thirst for diverse literature.”


Website: www.robynsmart.co.ukEmail: info@robynsmart.co.uk

Robyn Smart will be at #CELF2016, will you?!

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