CELF2016 Participant Profile: Sankofa Creative Co

CELF2016 Participant Profile: Sankofa Creative Co

Business Name: Sankofa Creative Co.

Location: London

Founders: Merissa Hylton

About: Founded in 2012, Sankofa Creative Co is the creative outlet for London based artist and illustrator, Merissa Hylton, producing a variety of African inspired products including bespoke jewellery, artwork and handmade gifts.

Most recently, Merissa released her children’s colouring book ‘I Can Be Anything‘ that features a number of inspirational figures for children to colour in. As well as being educational, letting children know about historic black people that they may not necessarily learn about at school, this book allows children to explore their creative skills through colouring therapy. ‘I Can Be Anything‘ follows 2 Afrocentric colouring books that Merissa has published, both made up of her own original artwork.



Facebook: Sankofa Creative Co | Instagran: @SankofaCreativeCo

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