Under the Spotlight: FAADAS

Under the Spotlight: FAADAS

An Online and Offline Support Network for Fathers

Originally starting out as a project for the founder, Ricky Robinson, to deal with his own experiences and struggles as a father – FAADAS was conceived. As a rising empowerment project, FAADAS aims to engage and inspire fathers to interact and share their narratives with others.

Often, fatherhood is seen as a taboo or forgotten topic when we think of parenting, as gender roles often determine the mother’s role to be of greater importance. Whilst this is reflected differently in each culture and society, the empowerment of both child and father is the ethos behind FAADAS. In its aims to become a sustainable project; FAADAS provides fathers with online and offline support with legalities, processes and difficulties that they may experience when becoming a father.

The online platform aims to unite and share the differing outlooks on how to raise children and why building a relationship between fathers and their children is extremely important. Whilst using social media platforms to create a global community of fathers, FAADAS also wants to provide an everyday space for fathers to discuss issues and topics that relate to fatherhood. FAADAS is also aiming to build an offline community which aims to create bespoke events for fathers and children to enjoy, creatively, practically and actively!


You can find FAADAS online at www.faadas.com.

Words by Casey Paul.

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