CELF2016 Participant Profile: Bonding School

CELF2016 Participant Profile: Bonding School

Business Name: Bonding School

Location: London

Founders: Teamara Adams

About: Bonding School are a South London based service provider, offering childcare and other award winning services that promote bonding within families through educational workshops. Bonding School endeavours to strengthen the bonds between parent and child by placing both in a safe environment, where they have the chance to work together on a variety of set activities and create together.

Bonding School classes include: Arts & Crafts, Handwriting, Sing-a-long song time, Food technology, my shopping experience & Simple Maths. Bonding School provides a creative and interactive twist to enhance children’s creative learning outside of a classroom environment.


Be part of the experience to assist your child to be the best they can be today!

Facebook: The Bonding School | Instagram: @bonding_school | Twitter: @bonding_school

Bonding School will be at #CELF2016, will you?!

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