CELF2016 Participant Profile: Mane Divas

CELF2016 Participant Profile: Mane Divas

Business Name: Mane Divas

Location: London

Founders: Katrina Emmanuel

About: Mane Divas is a hair experience company founded by Katrina Emmanuel after 12 months of research. They create handmade natural hair products for the whole family, using only the finest raw ingredients, and offer hair care advice and guidance. Mane Divas also offer bespoke workshops called “Divas on the Grow.” These interactive workshops, for both adults and children, aim to educate participants on the importance of natural hair and sometimes even offer them the opportunity to create their own natural hair products.

Executive Extensions or Naturalista, we’re the MANE Divas for you!


Website: www.manedivas.co.ukTwitter: @manedivas | Instagram: @manedivas | Facebook:  Mane Divas | Youtube: Mane Divas

Mane Divas will be at #CELF2016, will you?!

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