CELF2016 Participant Profile: Curls-Au Naturel

CELF2016 Participant Profile: Curls-Au Naturel

Business Name: Curls-Au Naturel

Location: London

Founders: Abena Hagan

About: Curls-Au Naturel is a platform that’s embrace the beauty of being black and works to support and celebrate the black community, black culture and the natural hair society. Founded by Abena Hagan after recognising that there were many misconceptions when it came to natural hair, the goal of Curls-Au Naturel is to inspire individuals to love who they truly are using their hair as a starting point and teaching them exactly what it means to be a Naturel.

A well known and loved platform, Curls-Au Naturel provide motivation and inspiration for naturals everywhere via their instagram page where they have over 199,000 followers.

Founder Abena also hosts workshops that aspire to inspire and instil hope in young girls. She recently released her children’s book, “I Want to Look Like Me“, and also sells other merchandise which help to further promote self love.


This is not a phase but a way of life. I am not following a trend but just embracing what God gave me.”

Website: www.curls-aunaturel.com | Facebook: Curls- Au Naturel | Instagram: @curls_aunaturel

Curls-Au Naturel will be at #CELF2016, will you?!

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