Under the Spotlight: Momiies World

Under the Spotlight: Momiies World

An Organisation Empowering Mothers

Starting earlier this year, Momiies World is an organisation dedicated to empowering mothers particularly, single mothers in order to realise and achieve their aspirations whilst continuing on the journey of motherhood. Another rising organisation, Momiies aims to celebrate and inspire mothers everywhere across a range of industries.

Being a mother is one of the most difficult and rewarding things. With parenting often being associated with mother’s staying at home and putting their careers or dreams on hold; this can be a difficult choice. Momiies World provides the opportunities for mothers to connect, network and share their stories in order to inspire and empower those who may need some motivation in order to achieve their goals.

Through a series of brunches and events, Momiies World, encourages mothers to become ‘Momtreprenurs’ by inviting guest speakers, providing refreshments, entertainment and Q&A sessions with some leading ladies to spark greatness in each individual.


You can find Momiies World on twitter at @Momiies

Words by Casey Paul.

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