CELF2016 Participant Profile: Butterfly Books

CELF2016 Participant Profile: Butterfly Books

Business Name: Butterfly Books

Location: London, Birmingham and Toronto

Founders: Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan

About: Butterfly Books is a UK based publisher that creates career based children’s picture books. Founded and run by sibling duo Kerrine, who is a chartered electrical engineer, and Jason, who has a background in finance and is a keen writer, Butterfly Books work to diversify children’s literature through the creation of books that represent a wide range of career paths. With books aimed at 3-7 year olds, including their title “My Mummy is an Engineer“, Butterfly Books aim to educate and inspire children while also contributing to bridging the skills gap in the careers market by exposing children to a wide variety of career options.

A percentage of the profit that Butterfly Books make is also used to support children’s charities in the UK and abroad.


“The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and Butterfly Books hopes to transform the way in which youngsters perceive various careers.”

Website: www.butterflybooks.uk | Instagram: @butterflybooksltd | Twitter: @butterflybooks

Butterfly Books will be at #CELF2016, will you?!

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