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This Mummy is Superwoman: Melanie Marie

Melanie Marie IS the definition of a superwoman! A self-defined serial entrepreneur, Melanie owns two jewellery lines (Melanie Marie Accessories and AnnDrew Marie Baby Accessories), runs a lifestyle blog (In Drew’s Shoes), is a business consultant and mentor and, most recently, the author of children’s book My Name is Unique Just Like Me! All of this while being a mother, and full-time superhero to her one year old daughter, AnnDrew.

We spoke with Melanie to find out how she juggles all these hats and makes it look so easy!

What’s your typical day-to-day like from the moment you wake up to when you sleep?

This is a hard question because no two days are the same. Some days I may go into my office and do some work, some days I may work from home, some days I may be hanging out with my daughter, and other days I may be on phone conferences and in meetings. Every day is different, which makes it fun!

What’s your greatest superwoman quality?

The ability to multitask! It helps me accomplish a lot that way.

What’s the best thing for you about being a mother?

The unconditional love you get from your child is like no other feeling. I love it!

How do you find managing being a mother with your career?

I’ve found a good balance in our life. I know when to be focused on work and I know when to devote all of my attention to my daughter. I generally get most of my work done when she is sleeping. I put her to bed at 7:30/8pm every day and, once she is asleep, I clock into work. That leaves time for us to hang out during the day.

What’s the most difficult part when it comes to balancing your career with motherhood?

I love to cross things off my to do list and just be done with them. Sometimes when I’m on a roll and getting work done, she may start to become fussy so I have to put my work aside and tend to her. I would say that’s the most difficult part in finding the balance, but that’s not a big deal. My businesses allow me to be flexible with my time, so I don’t really run into conflicts. That is the beauty of running your own business.

What would you say to other superwomen out there trying to juggle motherhood with a career/entrepreneurship?

I would say just find your balance. Balance is key. Once you find out what works best for you and your family, everything will run like a well oiled machine.

Which other superwomen inspire you?

Of course Beyoncé. She manages to devote time to family while being the world’s best performer. She perfects her craft and still manages to balance it all. While I don’t know her personally, these are my thoughts lol!

What’s your favourite thing to do to relax?

Getting a facial, a massage or just taking a nap.

What book are you and your child currently reading together?

Our book!! I love to read her the book that her dad and I wrote – My Name is Unique Just Like Me.

What are your thoughts on diversity in children’s books? Do you feel you and your child are properly represented?

I feel there are great diverse books out there. Sometimes you may have to do a bit more research to find them, but they are out there. Not as many as I feel should be out there, but still a good amount.

Check out Melanie’s work over at,, and follow her on Instagram @MelRWhite!

Words by Casey Elisha.

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