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This Mummy is Superwoman: Latavia Roberson

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with LaTavia Roberson after sending her some of my books to enjoy with her four year old daughter, Lyric. I sent a note with the books which LaTavia said brought her to tears which, honestly, almost moved me to tears!

First and foremost, I was touched that LaTavia even took the time out to facetime me (yes, she facetimed me!) to personally thank me for the books. Not many people would do that, so I was very appreciative of the gesture. Secondly, I was reminded of the impact my books can have on others – and not just on children.

The books arrived in perfect time, as LaTavia mentioned that Lyric was at the stage of asking to be read stories before bed! I sent them copies of Love Thy Fro, My Empowerment Journal and My Mummy is Superwoman, the latter title being one I felt LaTavia would definitely be able to relate to. Anyone familiar with LaTavia’s story will know she has dealt with a lot of heartache, the most recent being the loss of her second child late in her pregnancy. But, through it all, she’s kept her head held high and persevered. LaTavia attributes her strength and ability to continue to be a superwoman to God, and through keeping herself in constant prayer.

During our conversation, LaTavia was away from home on business and had Lyric with her. We spoke about her role as a mother, and how she manages to juggle that with her career. Being a mother is something LaTavia takes a lot of pride in. As a single mum, there’s no cut off time but LaTavia makes sure to make time for both work and her daughter – even if that means bringing her on the road with her!

My conversation with LaTavia fuelled and motivated me to keep going, and I find I often have that same feeling when speaking with superwomen because they remind me that anything is possible as a woman – and as a woman with a child (not that I have any children yet, but at least I know for the future)!

LaTavia has a lot of opportunities on the table for her at the moment, and will be adding “author” to her list of titles as she readies the release of her memoir, I Am LaTavia: My Story. My Destiny. She’s also working on a docuseries to accompany the book.

Stay up to date with everything this superwoman has going on via her Instagram @IAmLaTavia.

Words by Casey Elisha.

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