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This Mummy is Superwoman: Shanice Pearson

Meet Shanice Pearson; a mother, a businesswoman and a superwoman! I sat down with Shanice to talk about her journey as a mother while owning her own business, Neicey’s Jewels. Founded in 2014, Neicey’s Jewels focuses on the importance of women expressing and empowering themselves through jewellery.


What does being a superwoman mean to you?

SP: Being able to find balance, while giving everything 100%. So it means not lacking, giving everything equal time without burning yourself out – I think that’s what makes you a superwoman.

When you’re reaching your full potential, it makes you feel like a superwoman. Holding your head up high and looking at what you’ve achieved.

What’s your typical day-to-day like?

SP: Everyday is different. Usually I wake up, check my emails, wake my son up, get him ready, get myself ready and then hit the road.

We might go to the library, might meet some people, working on something related to Neicey’s Jewels. Then I come home, feed him, give him a bath and then read him a story, put him to bed. After that, it could be anything!  Stock takes, chasing up emails, Instagram posts, packaging [orders] to send off. My day will probably end at 12 or 2am and then I’ll be up by 7 again.

My son is always with me. I love him, he’s like my handbag; my day-to-day life is really about him.

What’s the best thing about being a Mum?

SP: There’s actually two things for me. One is leaving a legacy. When my son is older, he’ll be able to practice everything I have taught him and then instil that in his own family.

Him seeing me doing the hard work, the late nights and being on set at photo-shoots, whilst his Dad looks after him – the rest of the world doesn’t see that. You only see the pretty things, the stuff I put on social media. Hopefully him seeing this, he will remember and that will make him ten times the man.

The second thing is making someone proud. Having my son makes me feel like someone is watching me and I can’t mess up.

Also, just embracing him – he is so clueless and innocent in this world and protecting that is so special.

How do you find managing being a mother with your career?

SP: Very hard. It’s also accepting that it’s very hard and not being in denial when you know something is not working. I’ve started to plan my days, what time is my son going to bed, what can I do during that time. Working around him and being able to adjust to that is important.

I’m a very “go-go-go” person and I can’t always do that, because I get burnt out, so sometimes when he sleeps, I sleep. Not all the time, but sometimes a boost is needed – that’s how I keep sane!

But also remember, that it’s okay to need help – my son didn’t come with a book, it’s my first child.

What would you say to other superwoman trying to juggle a career with motherhood?

SP: Don’t rush; you’ve got so much time! When you’re passionate about something, that’s always going to be your calling. Everyone has time. When we live in a city like London, we forget that a lot.

Also, your child’s first year is special and is never going to come around again, so enjoy it. I wasn’t quick to put my son in nursery; I needed to enjoy those first moments with him.

Lastly, take one step at a time. Every woman’s journey is different. When you have a child, you find yourself.

Which other superwoman inspire you?

SP: I try not to be inspired by other women – I think we’re all on a different journey. Let’s say Beyoncé, I can’t be inspired by her because I don’t see what happens behind the scenes.

I look within myself for inspiration; I don’t know what happens in other people’s lives behind closed doors. The results of my achievements inspire me, being a mum and a businesswoman.

What’s your favourite thing to do, to relax?

SP: All my close friends and family always say I don’t know how to relax. For me, probably a nice bubble bath…when I can get one! Other than that, doing something fun – but usually a bath, very simple and cost effective!

What book are you and your child currently reading together?

SP: When he’s older I want to get him into the habit of reading, so every two weeks we go to the library, get some children’s book and that’s our time to bond. No looking over emails, just focusing on him and his development. I read to him daily as well, just to keep his mind stimulated. Even if I read him a four-page story, at least he’s getting some sort of story; his mind is focusing on something.


Find out more about Shanice and Neicey’s Jewels over at, on Twitter and on InstagramOne lucky superwoman will win a piece from Neicey’s Jewels at the My Mummy is Superwoman book launch on 26th March. Are you coming?! Find out more information here!

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